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Micro Media®XL Series

MicroMedia XL Series filter sheets are formulated with cellulose, wet strength resin and Celpure® diatomite. Celpure® is an ultra-pure form of diatomaceous earth manufactured specifically for use in critical applications. MicroMedia XL Series filter sheets provide an  improved clarity and greater throughput. In independent testing, ErtelAlsop XL Series filter sheets outperformed competitor’s standard grades by over 500%. Most filter media manufacturers currently use DE formed to “food-grade” quality standards. This allows for problems with respect to compendial standards, purity, manufacturing/process control and packaging. Unchecked variations in diatomite result in significant process deviation such as filtrate color, pH and impurity profiles. Celpure® DE can  meet the high quality standards dictated by 21CFR211.160 (b). Traditional “food-grade” forms of DE rarely meet USP-NF standards.

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