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Flavor & Fragrance

Six small glass perfume bottles with black plastic caps filled with shades of gold liquid on a metal table with and a plastic dropper withdrawing drops from one bottle

The filtration process for flavor and fragrance products is what achieves a high quality standard for clarity, color, and stability. Blends of aromatic organic compounds can be composed of natural, nature identical, and/or synthetic ingredients. These are concentrated through distillation, mechanical separation, or extraction before finally going through the filtration process to clarify and polish the product before packaging.

Expert perfumers in the fragrance industry draw from extensive palettes of essential oils and other fragrance materials. The scents they invent are enjoyed in a variety of product categories, including fine fragrance, personal care, home care, and home design.

The filtration of essential oils for fragrances removes haze, particulate, and possibly filter aids which were used in the refinement of these liquids.