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Man in white hazmat suit inside laboratory holding a pink round microelectronic

Microelectronics are found everywhere from consumer electronics to satellites, from corporate data centers to microwave ovens. The Microelectronics market is fast-paced and cyclical, driven by the constant demand to supply new products that are ever faster, with higher capacities and smaller footprints. The manufacturing of the newest generations of IC chips would not be possible without effective filtration.

The microelectronics industry is a rapidly growing world market that draws upon core areas of our filtration expertise. Included within this market is the broad range of electronics products that require highly effective filtration in their manufacturing processes. These products include:

In the Microelectronics Industry, the filter process falls into three categories: Chemical Filtration, Photochemical Filtration, and Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP).

The filters used in semiconductor production processes need to provide the lowest possible levels of metals extractable and high particle retention efficiencies. However, since these processes combine the use of aggressive chemicals and high process temperatures, we have developed a wide range of fluoropolymer filters that possess high chemical and thermal resistance and are suited for all processes in the manufacturing of semiconductors.