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Industrial metal construction scaff holding

There are a wide variety of process industry applications. Product line includes membrane cartridges, pleated cartridges, vessels, high-efficiency filter bags, melt-blown cartridges, stainless steel media and more. Process filter media provide contaminant removal from 0.04 to 840 micron, with efficiencies as high as 99.9+ percent.

The industrial market involves high-technology filtration products and services to the inks and industrial coatings market. The coatings industry produces high viscosity mixtures of resins, solvents, pigments and other additives that provide specific properties to the end product. Proper blending, mixing, and dispersion is necessary for quality coatings. Filtration of these fluids is key to removing gels, agglomerates, and other contaminants to assure the desired coating properties. An effective filter must not affect adhesion, color, grind specification or dispersion of the coating. Many coatings require filters that “classify” or allow desirable particles to remain while removing undesirable ones.

Filters perform these functions. They contain no silicone or other material that can adversely affect adhesion of coatings. D&D Filtration supplies the industrial coatings market with the best filtration solutions at the lowest cost of filter ownership available anywhere. Our filters also help ink manufacturers maintain pigment concentration and color, by removing contaminants and ensuring that grind standards are met.