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Food & Beverage

Upside-down glass and wine glass on a table

The Food and Beverage industry is a rapidly growing world market that draws upon core areas of our filtration expertise. Included within this market are the broad range of products that require highly effective filtration in their manufacturing processes. These products include:

Through our Technical, R&D and Customer Service Teams we offer a wide range of services to ensure total customer satisfaction. The production of food and beverages is important, although by no means the largest component of the separation equipment market. The major anomaly lies in the production of drinking water, strictly the largest of the beverages, but in fact so large as to be in an end-use sector of its own, and therefore not included here.

Production of beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), including fruit and vegetable juices, and bottled mineral water.

Several of these sub-sectors are, of course, completely dry processes, but with a sufficiency of liquid processing in the other parts, and of utility filtration (pneumatics, hydraulics, and other operating services), enough to make this the fifth largest of the end-use sectors, utilizing almost all kinds of separation equipment. The process filters and centrifuges are used in the preparation of ingredients, in the production process itself, in the purification of products, and in the recycling or treatment of waste streams.