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The Absorb-Rite® filter bag from The Strainrite Companies substantially reduces oil and grease from aqueous based liquids.

The Absorb-Rite® bag offers a unique two-in-one design that forces the liquid through the entire length of the filter, therefore uniformly utilizing all the absorbent media. Typically, this unique filter absorbs 10-15 times its weight in oil.

The Absorb-Rite® offers in excess of 50% more absorbency than competing brands. Absorb-Rite® filter bags are available to fit all bag filter housings. Anywhere oil or grease must be separated and removed from an industrial stream, Absorb-Rite® bags are designed to fill the need. Best results at low flow rates to achieve longer contact time.

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• Unique three-layer construction results in maximum exposure time at a minimum flow rate
•The top disc pre-filter material removes dirt and other particulate material prior to the adsorption of hydrocarbons
• Designs available to remove particles in the 1-200 micron range
• Higher hydrocarbon removal capacity than other filter bags on the market
• Higher capacity than most other bags on the market
• Standard bags fit SRID and SRHD filter vessels (fit competitor housings as well)
• Designed to minimize contamination during changeover

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