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Accu-Rite Ultra-Efficient Filter Bags achieve efficiencies greater than 99% and are available in 1.5, 3, 10 and 25 micron ratings. They are an excellent choice where the convenience of bag filtration is required in combination with absolute filtration. We employ specially-engineered filtration layers in combination to achieve maximized performance in terms of filter life and particle retention. Accu-Rite bags offer lower operating cost while permitting the use of existing filter housings without the expense of new capital equipment.

All Strainrite Accu-Rite bags are totally welded with our proprietary welding techniques to assure absence of particulate bypass and best cleanliness. Strainrite’s chemically-resistant polypropylene flange withstands and responds to increased flow rates, performing reliably over high ranges of pressure and temperature, and providing a high-performance seal consistent with the micron rating of the filter. The molded (built-in) handles make quick and easy bag removal.

Strainrite has achieved superior results by engineering a filter construction that removes progressively smaller contaminants as fluids move from upstream to downstream through our proprietary filter media. Actual production runs have proved that the Acurite Ultra-Efficient Filter Bags provide longer life and superior clarity. These filters, comprised of 100% polypropylene filter medium with polypropylene support, are manufactured in a silicone free facility in which each employee has received CRATER training.

Accu-Rite filters are available with a variety of rings and flanges to fit most filter housings. This includes Strainrite’s M-Flange which is employed in retrofitting a competitor’s Sentinel™ flange*.

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Biopharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Industrial, Semiconductor



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  • All components used in Accu-Rite Ultra-Efficient filter bags are FDA/EC listed materials for food and beverage applications
  • Available in 1.5, 3, 5, 10, and 25 absolute efficiencies
  • Available with zero-bypass, 5 points-of-seal, EDPM top flange and optional compression device
  • Polypropylene cover included on size 1 and 2 filter bags to facilitate change-out.