Alpha Series 100: Depth Lenticular Cartridge

Depth Lenticular Cartridges made from 100% cellulose and resin free.

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Product Documents

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Alpha Media Series 100 was specifically designed for applications where low extractables, or an ashless (DE Free) filter are required. 100 Series depth filter media is 100% cellulose, contains no
resins, binders, filter aids, or synthetics. Useful when simple filtration is all that is needed.

ErtelAlsop manufactures a wide range of lenticular cartridge configurations to meet your needs. The Disc-Pak cartridges can be made in two diameters, 12” and 16”, with a varied number of cells and center core designs. Surface areas range from 3ft2 to 40ft2.

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Biopharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Industrial


100% Cellulose (DE Free), Cellulose

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• 100% cellulose filter media
• Little to no extractable content
• Low ash content

• Processes where DE or Perlite would remove or alter active ingredients