Absolute Rated Polypropylene Large Diameter Elements

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Aqua-MAXX Hybrid Filter technology filters are engineered for critical high purity applications by optimizing throughput while maintaining absolute rated performance that is both predictable and repeatable. Our superior filter media is constructed on the latest Continuous Composite Microfiber blowing equipment, which accurately controls fiber diameter and web design. This state-of-the-art equipment utilizes online monitoring equipment, delivering the industry’s most uniform and consistent media, resulting in unparalleled product consistency.

By combining high performance media in an Aqua-Maxx inside-out flow configuration, we have created the ultimate filter. This element combines the advantages of typical bag filtration, ease of use, and exceptional dirt holding capacity with the high efficiency and performance characteristics of cartridge filtration. The inside out flow design ensures that unwanted contaminants stay inside the element during change out, unlike typical cartridge filtration, virtually eliminating the possibility of downstream contamination. All materials of construction meet or exceed the requirements of CFR 21 for Food and Beverage contact.

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  • Complies With ANSI/NSF Standard 53; Meets the requirements of USP Plastic Class VI
  • Media provides reliable consistent and repeatable filtration
  • Faster change-outs compared to standard high performance cartridges
  • Contaminants are captured inside the element eliminating downstream contamination
  • Maximum flow rates of 50 gpm
  • Lower pressure drops yield higher flow rates and reduced processing time
  • Maximum pleat design for greater surface that ensures longer service life less downtime and reduced operating costs per element
  • Thermally bonded end caps
  • Double 261 O-ring seal ensures a hermetic seal for critical high purity applications
  • Compliant with FDA 21 CFR