Pleated polyethersulfone (PES) membrane for final filtration of wine and beverages

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Extended life and absolute retention efficiency make the Clariflow-Wine product an ideal filter for the clarification of wine. At the heart of this design is a special membrane composed of polyethersulfone (PES). Choosing either the 0.65 or 0.45 μm pore sizes for red and white wines, PES membrane offers superior flow, extended on-stream life, and the consistent removal of microorganisms and particulates.

Clariflow Wine cartridges are inherently hydrophilic, and contain no added surfactants or wetting agents. The PES membrane also exhibits low color-binding characteristics. This ensures that the filter will not affect the taste of the wine being processed. Each cartridge is manufactured in a certified cleanroom environment in accordance with a quality system consistent with the requirements of ISO 9001 certification and guidelines.

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Food & Beverage



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• Absolute-rated membrane
• Extended on-stream life minimizes changeout frequency
• High retention efficiency of yeast and other wine spoilage organisms
• Steam sterilizable / sanitizable for cleaning and reuse
• Integrity testable to ensure complete reliability

Prefiltration/Clarification of:
• Wine
• Beer
• Spirits
• Mineral water