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Strainrite’s Continuous Resin-Bonded Depth Filter Cartridges are manufactured using long staple polyester fibers, in a specific blend of fiber diameters, and offer the broadest range of micron rated cartridges, while virtually eliminating fiber migration. Utilizing our proprietary resin coating process, we are able to take well defined micron rated depth media and treat the material, converting it from a soft, compressible fabric, to a highly advanced rigid fiber technology.

This unique rigid fiber depth filter cartridge is engineered to take advantage of targeted depth media in an optimized pleated configuration, to maximize solids loading, gel removal capacity, and filter life. CRB cartridges contain more than 3.5 ft2 of surface area per 10” segment, as compared to approximately 0.5 ft2of surface area per 10” segment in a typical molded or wound resin bonded cartridge. Increased surface area reduces flow velocity, which increases filter life exponentially due to a reduction in particle penetration, promoting increased dirt holding capacity and filter life.

These exceptional pleated cartridges are perfect for both aqueous and nonaqueous liquids. CRB fibers are already fully impregnated, diminishing problematic swelling caused by fluid absorption. This prevents the CRB from prematurely blinding off, making it superior to common untreated filters.

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  • Virtually no fiber migration, due to the utilization of long polyester heat set fibers
  • Longer filter life also reduces labor time associated with change-outs
  • Higher surface area compared to industry standard resin bonded cartridges, which provides longer filter life, reduced disposal cost and lower cost per gallon to filter
  • Extremely high flow rates, due to a substantial increase in surface area
  • High integrity one-piece construction
  • No epoxies, glues or adhesives