Disc-Pak: Depth Lenticular Cartridge

Formulated with 100% cellulose AlphaMedia.

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The original lenticular cartridge, the Disc-Pak depth filter cartridge, is specially formulated for the precise filtration of liquids in the light to medium viscosity range. From applications such as lubricating oils, dielectric oils and coolants to syrups, beverages and perfumes, the Disc-Pak, with ErtelAlsop 100% cellulose AlphaMedia, may be used where particulate retention is the purpose of filtration. Disc-Pak depth filter cartridges are available in several grades to allow retention down to 1 micron.

ErtelAlsop manufactures a wide range of lenticular cartridge configurations to meet your needs. The Disc-Pak cartridges can be made in two diameters, 12” and 16”, with a varied number of cells and center core designs. Surface areas range from 3ft2 to 40ft2.

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Biopharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Industrial


100% Cellulose (DE Free), Cellulose

Retention Ratings



• 100% Cellulose
• Little to no extractables
• No resin or binders

• Critical processes with high contaminants concentrations
• Metal ion/extractables sensitivities