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Designed as a “Pre-Final” filter, Strainrite’s Depth over Membrane Filters were created to protect final filters saving money and extending the life of your final filters. These filters incorporate a synchronized media design. This design utilizes a prefiltration layer up-stream over a final membrane layer in the same cartridge. These filters are a pre-filter and a final filter in one.

These filters are available in multiple micron ranges and combinations to meet the requirements of your process They are available in two prefiltration materials: polypropylene microfiber and borosilicate microglass. The final filtration layer is available in Nylon, polysulfone, cellulose acetate, and Strainrites’ asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane.

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  • Reliable non fiber releasing media
  • Synchronized media
  • Thermally bonded construction
  • No additives or glue
  • All materials of construction are FDA compliant with CFR Title 21
  • Thermally bonded construction without adhesives or binders | resulting in lower extractables
  • High strength design allowing for extended use and multi-autoclave