Economical filtration with high strength, thermally-bonded depth cartridges

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Parker’s DuraBond melt blown filter cartridges are the most economical high strength filter cartridges available. Featuring an integral rigid thermally bonded construction, the DuraBond filter cartridge provides consistent filtration for a variety of fluids. Its fixed pore structure acts as a sieve-like particle “classification” filter for pigmented coatings allowing pigments to pass while stopping large agglomerates.

Durabond cartridges are available in nominal ratings of 1um, 3um, 5um, 10um, 25um, 50um, 75um, and 100um.

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Food & Beverage, Industrial



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• Fixed pore structure provides efficiency, integrity and optimum particle retention
• Thermally bonded bi-component fiber matrix provides rigid dimensionally stable construction without fiber migration
• Rigid construction eliminates contaminant unloading and channeling
• Corrugated porous surface maximizes dirt holding capacity
• Silicone-free construction
• FDA grade polypropylene (DOE only) certified to ANSI/NSF61 standard for contact with drinking water components
• All materials of construction are FDA listed as acceptable for potable and edible liquid contact according to CFR Title 21
• Polyolefin construction provides broad chemical compatibility for a variety of applications Easily disposed by shredding, incinerating or crushing
• Construction provides particle “classification” effect with pigmented coatings
• Double-open-end style is self-sealing without separate gasket material
• ISO 9001 registered

• Photographic Chemicals
• DI Water
• Plating Solutions
• Bleach
• RO Pre-filtration
• Organic Solvents
• Oil Field Fluids
• Membrane Pre-filtration
• Industrial Coatings
• Magnetic Coatings
• Potable Water
• Process Fluids