G Series: Depth Lenticular Cartridge

Depth filter media 100% cellulose with a wet strength resin.

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Product Documents

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ErtelAlsop’s AlphaMedia: G Series depth filter media is premium, mineral free depth filter media containing no inorganic components. Comprised of cellulose and wet strength resin, the G Series depth filter media is specifically designed for applications where low extractables, or an ashless (DE Free) filter are a must. The filter media exhibits a net positive charge zeta potential. This allows for the highly efficient removal of particles smaller than the filter’s nominal rating.

ErtelAlsop G Series depth filter sheets offer excellent particle retention, extended throughput, and superior chemical compatibility. The components of ErtelAlsop AlphaMedia are generally recognized as safe for contact with food as dictated by 21CFR 176.170.

ErtelAlsop manufactures a wide range of lenticular cartridge configurations to meet your needs. The Disc-Pak cartridges can be made in two diameters, 12” and 16”, with a varied number of cells and center core designs. Surface areas range from 3ft2 to 40ft2.

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Biopharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Industrial


100% Cellulose (DE Free), Cellulose

Retention Ratings



• Composed of cellulose & wet-strength resin
• Mineral Free
• Superior Wet & Dry Strength
• Little to No Leak
• High Capacity
• High Solids Loading
• High-Performance Cellulose Fiber Matrix
• Biodegradable
• Ashless

• Particulate Removal from Spirits
• Catalyst Removal
• Filtration of Specialty Chemicals
• Clarification of Flavors & Fragrances
• Activated Carbon Removal