Glas-Tech II

Pleated glass-fiber cartridges for cost-effective gas and liquid prefiltration

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Glas-Tech II filter cartridges offer an economical prefiltration solution for both liquids and gases. They combine excellent flow rates and long service life with an exceptional ability to retain
both deformable and non-deformable particles.

Glas-Tech II is made using components that provide optimal results in a wide variety of prefiltration applications. At the heart of the Glas-Tech II cartridge is a nominally-rated borosilicate microfiber depth matrix that has an exceptionally high dirt-loading capacity. The natural, positive charge of the glass fiber also aids in the retention of negatively charged particulates such as bacteria, endotoxin, and a variety of colloidal materials.

Thermal bonding helps to ensure stability through multiple steam cycles. The pleat geometry for each micron rating has been individually optimized to ensure long service life and maximum dirt-loading in the most stringent of processing conditions.

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Biopharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Industrial



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• High flow rate reduces processing time
• Long service life minimizes change-out frequency
• Thermally resistant for use under aggressive conditions
• Natural positive charge enhances particle retention
• Biosafe materials of construction comply with USP guidelines

• Serum
• Tissue culture media
• Wine/beer
• Ink processing
• Highly viscous solutions
• Cutting oils
• Cosmetics