Glass-PLEAT GA & Fiber-MAXX GA

Nominally Rated Microglass Depth with Acrylic Binder

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Strainrite’s Nominally Rated Microglass Depth Filter Cartridges utilize a high surface area and high void volume media, incorporating microglass fibers in a uniform matrix that optimizes element flow rate and service life unattainable by other traditional microfiber technologies. This revolutionary microfiber matrix optimizes pore size geometry required to offer beta rated filtration performance.

Strainrite’s non-calendared microglass cartridges exhibit significantly reduced resistance to flow when compared to similarly rated microfiber technologies. These cartridges are an excellent choice for filtering beverages such as beer and wine, as they do not remove flavor-enhancing proteins.
Our FDA grade cartridges meet or exceed the requirements of the 21 CFR 177 for food and beverage contact.

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  • Beta-rated media provides reliable pore size control resulting in repeatable filtration performance
  • Non-fiber-releasing materials with minimal extractable provide a high-purity filtrate
  • Low-pressure drop yields higher flow rates and reduced processing time
  • Maximized pleat design coupled with non-calendared micro-glass matrix offers greater surface area, ensuring longer service life, less downtime, and reduced costs
  • Acrylic Binder
  • Thermally bonded construction eliminates particle bypass