Compact Housing-Specific Large Diameter Elements – 4″ OD

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When filter surface area must be increased, and overall assembly size must be decreased, the MADD-MAXX JUNIOR filter and matching SRL series filter housing* from Strainrite are the perfect fit. Their compact design combines the benefits of high surface area with the attributes inside-to-outside flow. The MADD-MAXX JUNIOR filter platform is great for applications where non-pleated bag filters don’t quite have enough surface area do the job or don’t fit in the allotted space, and for OEM equipment with ergonomic requirements.

These pleated cartridges are 3” diameter, intermediate in size between typical cartridge filters (2.55-2.7” diameter) and high flow format MADD-MAXX filters (7” diameter). These filters are available in 10” lengths (size 25), 22” lengths (size 50), or in custom lengths quoted on request.
With needle punch felt bag filter material pleated into a MADD-MAXX JUNIOR filter (size 50), we place more than 2.5 x the surface area of a #2 size filter bag into a filter a fraction of the size, with a much smaller housing footprint.

With traditional cartridge filter media (such as microfiber polypropylene or glass fiber,) we engineer approximately 50% additional area into each filter, compared to traditional filters of the same length.

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  • Broad selection of filtration media solves a wide variety of challenges
  • Wide micron rating (pore size) selection enables fine-tuning of contaminant removal with key ingredient (such as pigment) transmission
  • Inside-to-outside flow design retains solids inside of the filter – reduces operator exposure to solids and minimizes cleaning labor
  • Pleated large-diameter filter construction maximizes surface area – increasing filter life and throughputs compared to traditional cartridge filters or non-pleated bags.
  • Small and compact design shrinks footprint
  • Junior size reduces holdup volume
  • Circumferential o-ring seal is reliable and prevents bypass
  • FDA grade filters contain components meeting requirements of 21 cfr
  • Robust outer cage strengthens cartridge construction
  • Plug-in type filter installation is easy for operators