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The MAG-BAG incorporates a multi-purpose design that attracts microscopic ferrous impurities along the entire length of the 12″ or 24″ magnetic bars. Filter life is optimized, as the ferrous particles are largely attracted to the magnet contaminate pockets, as opposed to the exit wall of the filter. Lacking Strainrite’s proprietary multi-magnet configuration, other filter bags do not provide the same extensive sphere of influence and struggle to maintain high production flow rates. Independent field studies demonstrate ferrous containment gain greater than two times over conventional filters.

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  • Standard three pocket design accommodates 3 magnetized rods
  • Minimizes downtime and waste-water treatment costs
  • Keep Spray nozzles clean and enhances product appearance
  • Multi-magnet design for unsurpassed metal removal
  • Maximizes production capacity and product quality
  • Extends life of cutting tools, equipment and metalworking fluids
  • Traps 200% more ferrous fines
  • Cost-effective reusable rare earth magnets with 1″ lifting loop for easy removal