Outside-In Housing-Specific Large Diameter Element – 6.5″ OD

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The Strainrite Companies is proud to add the MAXX-Pro to our family of large pleat geometry products. The MAXX-Pro filters are high efficiency, outside to inside flow direction liquid filtration cartridges designed for applications with high contaminant removal requirements. These filters are a direct replacement for the 3M 740™ series and others. MAXX-Pro cartridges are for use in filter housings that accept 6.5” (165 mm) outside diameter filter cartridges with 226 O-ring connections. The large diameter, ultra high surface area pleated cartridges are designed to provide the optimum combination of particle removal efficiency and contaminant holding capability with comparatively low flow resistance. Microfiber forms the basis of the filtration media utilized in MAXX-Pro filter cartridges.

Strainrite’s manufacturing processes allow for tightly controlled specifications resulting in a filter media with consistent and predictable particle retention characteristics. MAXX-Pro cartridges are offered in micron grades ranging from 1 μm to 70 μm, and are typically used to remove solid contaminants.

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  • Large diameter pleat configuration for high flow rates
  • High dirt holding capability due to extensive surface area
  • 99% rated filter media for consistent and repeatable performance
  • Injection molded cage for superior strength and element integrity
  • Thermally bonded construction
  • Variable pleat geometry ensures maximized usable surface area MAXX-Pro 226 O-ring
  • Extremely low risk of bypass for high quality fluids
  • No loose parts to assemble for easy installation
  • No springs or caps to lose reduces the risk of bypass
  • Broad chemical compatibility for many applications
  • Convenient handle for easy removal