Pleated Charged Nylon 6,6 Membrane

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Strainrite’s Pleated Charged Nylon 6,6 Membrane Cartridges are manufactured with highly retentive, naturally hydrophilic, Nylon membranes that have an added cationic, positively charged, functional group. The positive surface charge or positive zeta potential, provides enhanced retention of smaller negatively charged particles such as endotoxins by electrokinetic mechanisms.

These cartridges provide absolute particle retention by size exclusion while having the added benefit of removing significantly smaller, negatively charged particles. The charged Nylon 6,6 membrane provides excellent wet-out characteristics and superior flow performance per surface area in an all-polypropylene construction, as compared to other membrane cartridges. These cartridges are perfectly suited for critical applications where superior flow and particle removal efficiency between 0.04 and 1.2 micron is required.

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Charged Nylon 6

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  • Meets USP Biological Tests for USP Class VI – 121oC Plastics, in vivo and Cytotoxicity tests, in vitro
  • 100% hydrophilic materials of construction that are FDA listed as suitable for contact with food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical Grade elements are 100% integrity tested
  • Absolute-rated media provides reliable, consistent and repeatable filtrate quality
  • High surface area, yielding lower pressure drops and longer filter life
  • Positive zeta potential for removal of particles smaller than the absolute rating of the filter
  • Non-fiber shedding polyester and polypropylene support materials eliminate fiber migration
  • Lower filter extractable than other hydrophilic membranes
  • IPA pre-wetting is not required
  • Integrity testable