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Strainrite’s Pleated Polysulfone Membrane Cartridges were developed for the filtration of process fluids that require a high degree of particle retention and/or constant bacterial barrier for effective sterilization.

Hydrophilic asymmetric polysulfone membrane ensures excellent flow rates, broad chemical compatibility, low protein binding, low extractability, high mechanical strength, and temperature resistance in a variety of applications for the biopharmaceutical, microelectronics, chemical, food and beverage industries.

These cartridges meet USP Biological Reactivity Test, in vivo for class VI-121°C plastics. Sterilizable using industry recognized and accepted methods.

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  • Highly tapered asymmetric pore structure which offers excellent flow rates and high solids loading characteristics
  • Absolute-rated membrane provides reliable | consistent and repeatable filtrate quality
  • Non-fiber shedding polypropylene support materials eliminate fiber migration
  • Maximum pleat design for greater surface area ensuring longer service life, fewer change-outs, and reduced operating costs per element
  • All materials of construction are FDA compliant with CFR Title 21, pharmaceutical grades are bio-safe in accordance with USP Class VI
  • Thermally bonded construction without the use of adhesives or binders results in lower extractables