MicroCap Pro: Single Use Depth Capsule

Single-Use Filtration System for Production-Scale Processing

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Product Documents

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MicroCap Pro is our innovative disposable microfiltration technology, specifically designed for production-scale microfiltration in the biopharma and pharmaceutical industries. MicroCap Pro is a versatile solution for:

• Pilot-scale processing
• Production-scale processing
• Converting to a single-use system

Apart from the convenience of single-use capsule modules and media, our carefully designed disposable materials make MicroCap Pro:

• Cost-effective
• Efficient
• Safe

The MicroCap Pro system provides a complete portfolio for easy scalability and a seamless transition from a labscale environment to production-scale. Like the smaller version of the MicroCap product line, the entire filter media suite is a single-use entity, designed for convenience and safe, easy sterilization. Our MicroCap Pro capsules can also be used in other company chassis, making MicroCap Pro one of the most versatile and industry-friendly microfiltration systems around.

Available in a variety of grades, MicroMedia contains Celpure, High Purity Diatomaceous Earth, High Purity Cellulose, or MicroClear with several immobilized activated carbon options.

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Activated Carbon, Cellulose (High Purity), Celpure (High Purity DE)

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• Simplifies pre and post-filtration sterilization protocols
• One-time validation saves time and cost
• Consistent and repeatable results
• Maximize throughput
• Lot-to-lot consistency
• Low extractables
• Optimize downstream membrane protection
• Scalability and flexibility
• Ergonomic design
• Universal capsules

• Pre-membrane phases
• Post-fermentation phases
• Harvest separation
• Clarification
• Mammalian cell cultures
• Cell lysates
• Vaccines
• Blood plasma proteins and serum
• Media
• Virus removal