MicroMedia LXL: Depth Filter Sheets

Formulated with a combination of high purity cellulose and high purity DE to reduce the occurrence of false positives caused by 1,3 beta D glucans

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For the ultimate in quality assurance, ErtelAlsop MicroMedia LXL Series Filter Sheets are formulated with both high purity cellulose and a high quality diatomaceous earth.

The 9 grades of MicroMedia LXL Series Filter Sheets offer the combined advantages of the XL series ultra pure Diatomaceous Earth with the L series Beta glucan poor cellulose fibers to produce this superior depth filter media and making it the leading choice for Bio-pharmaceutical applications.

A particular source of extractables is 1,3 ß D-glucan contamination in the cellulose. Cellulose is a major component of depth filter products. The level of reactivity depends upon the amount of 1,3 ß D-glucans released during manufacturing of the filter media and the amount of Factor G present in the LAL reagent, which varies by manufacturer.

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Cellulose (High Purity), Celpure (High Purity DE)

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• Extremely low 1,3 B D-glucan content
• Lower frequency of false positive LAL tests
• High Purity Diatomaceous Earth (Celpure)

• Protein containing processes
• Critical processes
• Process requiring extremely low extractable and Beta glucan contents