MicroMedia PXL: Depth Lenticular Cartridge

Effective high solid filtration complex of filtration mediums

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PXL media is a complex of filtration mediums that enable significantly improved throughput and superior contaminant retention in high solids loading processes. Designed specifically for applications as an initial pre-filter or clarification stage filter, PXL media is ideal for protecting price and contaminant sensitive process steps further downstream.

PXL media is designed to be the upstream bioprocessing filtration workhorse in those soft particulate, high cell count/low viability applications that readily foul the surfaces of other depth filter media. Filtering these solutions with regular depth media results in a rapid decline and termination of flow rate and throughput.
PXL media optimizes the filtration of soft particulate solutions over time by:
o Reduced fouling rate of the filter
o Reduced rate of operating pressure buildup
o Increased flowrate and throughput per setup

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Polyester, Cellulose, Celpure (High Purity DE), DE (Diatomaceous Earth)

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• High purity
• USP Class VI tested
• Fully lot traceable
• Low endotoxin content
• Supported through Validation Guide
• Bulk Fermentation Cell and Debris Removal
• Bacteria
• Yeast
• Mold
• Mamalian Cell Culture Clarification
• Most other viscous bioprocess solutions with a high concentration of soft particulate