MicroMedia XL Series: Depth Lenticular Cartridges

Formulated with high purity DE, known as Celpure, for critical applications

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Product Documents

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Micro-Media XL Series Depth Filter Media, formulated with cellulose, wet strength resin and Celpure diatomite, an ultra-pure form of Diatomaceous Earth manufactured only by Advanced Minerals Corporation, is specifically designed for use in critical applications. DE can now meet the high quality standards dictated by 21CFR211.160 (b). Traditional “food-grade” forms of DE rarely meet USP-NF standards.

Most filter media manufacturers currently use DE formed to “food-grade” quality standards, NOT pharmaceutical component quality standards, which allows for problems with respect to compendial standards, purity, manufacturing and process control and packaging.

Because the majority of diatomite producers send more than 90% of their products into industrial and food-grade applications, “food-grade” DE is produced to commodity-type standards and economics, which means product specification testing is performed as little as every 10,000
kg of production volume. Unchecked variations in diatomite result in significant process deviation such as filtrate color, pH and impurity profiles.

ErtelAlsop manufactures a wide range of lenticular cartridge configurations to meet your needs. These cartridges can be made in two diameters, 12” and 16”, with a varied number of cells and center core designs. Surface areas range from 3ft2 to 40ft2.

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Biopharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Industrial


Cellulose, Celpure (High Purity DE)

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• Extemely low 1,3 B D-glucan content
• Lower frequency of false positive LAL tests

• Blood Fractions
• Sera
• Large Volume Parenterals
• Small Volume Parenterals
• Distilled Beverages
• High Fructose Corn Syrup
• Flavors & Fragrances
• Cosmetics