Micron Rated Mesh Filter Bags: Monofilament Mesh

Monofilament Mesh

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Monofilament Mesh Filter Bags are manufactured in a wide range of micron ratings using a single filament weave. Single filament woven media provides two distinct advantages over multifilament media, excellent fabric strength and perfectly uniformed openings.

Monofilament Mesh is available in 1 through 800 microns as standard and larger for special orders. For applications where clients require no fiber migration at a high level of efficiency, monofilament material is a perfect fit.

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  • Nylon monofilament is FDA and EU compliant
  • Reliable and predictable filtration performance due to a highly uniformed hole configuration
  • Non-fiber releasing material for high purity applications
  • Extremely wide chemical compatibility
  • Very high tensile strength
  • Hygienically superior due to inside-out flow dynamic | all impurities are contained inside the element
  • Minimal product loss due to quickly drain off of filtered product