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The SRHD Heavy Duty series is designed to handle your most difficult fluid filtration requirements. Our SRHD is made from heavy-duty steel components and to strict quality standards, which allows our clients the ability to change from a non-stamped to an ASME UM stamped vessel at a nominal cost. The SRHD series incorporates our unique radial seal design that provides a hermetic seal between the basket and the vessel. Utilizing a radial seal with our retainer baskets eliminates “basket rocking”, which causes bypass as the basket becomes out of round. “Basket rocking” is common in low-cost bag vessels that do not incorporate an O-ring seal and can cause unfiltered liquid bypass.

The Strainrite Companies’ SRHD, with a radial seal, has a machined surface that produces a positive seal to eliminate bypass. SRHD vessels incorporate a combination of unique qualities that places us at the top of single-bag vessel design. Standard features include a recessed basket, a volume displacer welded to the top cover, and a 304 stainless steel wire mesh basket to name a few. Our standard wire mesh baskets increase available filtration surface area by up to 30% compared to cheaper perforated retainer baskets. SRHD Twin and SRHD Duplex bag vessels offer economical filtration for nominally rated applications between 150 and 300 pm.

The SRHD Twin filter system is comprised of two #2-size housings piped together and joined to a common header. This design divides flow equally between both housings and also reduces cost by approximately 50% compared to a multi-bag housing holding 2 bags inside. The SRHD Duplex filter systems offer great flexibility for continuous online filtration requirements. This allows for continuous operation by directing the flow from one vessel to another by opening and closing of valves. This allows one side to be serviced, while the other vessel is in use.