Pleated PTFE for Sterilization in Air & Vent Gas Applications

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Strainrite’s Vent-Rite hydrophobic, sterilizing PTFE membrane filters provide the highest levels of security in demanding air and gas applications. These filters are designed to remove microorganisms, particulate and moisture. Strainrite’s optimized design ensures exceptional gas flow rate and throughput for the biopharmaceutical, food and beverage markets.

Vent-Rite filters are designed for applications that require particulate security to 0.003µm in gas and air and 0.2µm in liquids. Strainrite delivers value and security with these aerosol validated cartridges.

Vent-Rite meets USP Biological Reactivity Test Criteria, is non-fiber-releasing, and manufactured to withstand multiple sterilization cycles, when using industry recognized and accepted methods.

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  • PTFE membranes
  • Inherently hydrophobic media
  • 100% integrity tested
  • High surface area
  • Aerosol validated
  • Virus retentive in gases
  • Thermally bonded construction
  • Water intrusion testable
  • Quality control certificate with every filter
  • FDA listed materials per CFR 21
  • Can be steam-sterilized multiple times in situ for longer filter life
  • Manufactured in certified clean rooms